Our Goals

One of the primary goals of EMUG e.V. is to provide Muslims with an infrastructure in which they can lead an Islamic life and to create places where they can pray. As an association, it is our concern to support the construction and maintenance of mosques in Europe and thus to ensure the operation of them. That is why EMUG e.V. builds, buys and monitors educational centres, cultural and social institutions, as well as schools and mosques. One of our most important works is the training of young architects in mosque and interior design. We also support scholarly studies in the field of Islamic art and architecture. That's why we started a think tank for mosques in Europe. In these seminars and workshops we examine the architecture of mosques, Islamic history and aesthetics, and negotiate with experts on this topic. Experienced architects and engineers develop ideas with students in this think tank and we have the opportunity to evaluate these new ideas in planning and construction in order to be able to put them into practice.