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EMUG e.V. was founded in 1985. The task of the association is to build mosques for Muslim associations, to acquire real estate for religious cultivation and to ensure the maintenance of these objects.

We are helping in

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Neuenrade Education Center

In Neuenrade we have the building permit for the construction of a new

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Bremen Hemelingen Mosque

DO YOUR INFAKThe Quba Mosque opened its doors for the first time in 19

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Ingolstadt Hifz Centre for Girls

The IGMG local association in Ingolstadt has found an object that can

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Bünde Education Centre

We are very proud of the property we bought in Bünde so that the educ

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Paderborn Moschee und Bildungszentrum

The Islamic community of Paderborn was forced to leave its rented room

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Landshut Mosque

DO YOUR INFAK HEREIn 1999 we, the current mosque, moved in as tenants.

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Bremen-Göppelingen Education Centre

With the aim of promoting the education of our children and preparing

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Infak 2023

Projects supported in the Infak campaign this year: Do your INFAK

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Kuzey Ruhr, Lohne / Vechta Camii ve Eğitim Merkezi

SECURE DONATE LINKKuzey Ruhr, Lohne /Vechta Camii ve Eğitim Merkezi

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Hessen, Offenbach - Mosque and Education Center

Do your INFAK hereOffenbach - Mosque and Education Center

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New mosque in Würzburg

We have buy a new building to make a mosque for the muslims in Würzbu

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Dortmund Eving education centre

We buy a new real estate in Dortmund for the assahaba community.For Pa

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New projekt in Werdohl

Thank you for support!

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