About us


EMUG e.V. was founded in 1985. The task of the association is to build mosques for Muslim associations, to acquire real estate for religious cultivation and to ensure the maintenance of these objects.

We are helping in laying the foundations for Islamic community life by assisting Islamic religious communities develop mosque buildings and educational institutions so that they can carry out their statutory religious, cultural and social activities.

In this sense, EMUG e.V. has acquired more than 300 buildings in Germany and Europe in the last 24 years, which almost exclusively serve as mosques and/or cultural and educational centers.

The main activities are the provision of intellectual and financial resources, as well as the protection and rehabilitation of mosque buildings.

There is a strong interest among Muslims to build representative buildings, as it is regarded as a practice of religious duty. Therefore, we promote Islamic art and culture in mosque architecture in both interior and exterior design.

Our team at the headquarters consists of 20 people. They come from the fields of architecture, real estate, office management and business administration, as well as civil engineering and renovation, serving as project managers.

Financial aspect of our goals is made possible by donations of our members and contributions of members of the IGMG. In addition to international donation calls, there are numerous project donations from Muslims in those respective regions.

We are currently working on 20 new construction projects in which we are directly and indirectly involved and support, and we accompany the mosque communities in the planning, the approval, and the design processes, as well as the inspection of the buildings.