Panel on mosque design

Since the 1980s, we as the European Mosque Construction and Support Association have been available for the construction and maintenance of mosques for Muslim associations and training centers for their to conduct their services of worship. The number of newly built mosques in Germany and Europe is steadily increasing. In order to contribute something positive to this process, we have been conducting our think tank on mosque construction since 2020. In this context, we held our first panel entitled "Mosques desig and build".


Seminars in the panel:

New horizons in mosque design

Dr. Ahmet Gün, Istanbul Technical University

How does a mosque appeal to people today?

What needs are there today and how are they satisfied?

What concepts of space and use need to be developed?

He presented his work in his book "A Compilation of Mosque Design Codes" by addressing these questions, among others.

Together with Ahmet Gün, Atakan Çavuş explained these new horizons to the audience.

"The past of architecture, the present of the architect: Turgut Cansever and his Mosques."

Assoc. Dr. Halil İbrahim Düzenli, Samsun University.

As a student of Turgut Cansever, Halil İbrahim Düzenli first introduced Cansever himself and then his importance to architecture in Turkey.

Cansever is and remains a very important founding father of architectural thought for Turkey.

Numerous experiences and concepts around Cansever were discussed here.


"Actors and structural problems of mosque architecture in the history of the republic: mosques of modern times".

Melek Kutlu Divleli, University of Samsun

Melek Kutlu Divleli presented the newly built mosques in the recent period.

Especially with the concept of "comfort during worship" and its explanations

she made a great contribution to the participants with her contribution.


"The concepts of building the mosque, the last ten years of the mosque adventure".

Dr. Emin Selçuk Taşar, University of Samsun

Emin Selçuk Taşar discussed the concepts of mosque construction and addressed the fact that mosques should only be implemented ,

when the actual needs are known and planning is carried out accordingly.

The main problem is that first the need must be clarified and then the spirit of the planning and construction of the mosque must be understood.

the spirit, the heart and the good taste in the planning and construction of the mosque.


"Black Sea wooden mosques in the context of locality and Ballıca campus mosque of Samsun University".

Dr. Abdullah Asım Divleli, University of Samsun

Abdullah Asım Divleli introduced the Black Sea wooden mosques and told how he and the team at Samsun University campus mosque

planned and also built.  His descriptions were reminiscent of the creation of many mosques in Europe.


Open session, "What Mosque Architecture Should Be Like in Non-Muslim Countries."

In a panel discussion, the architects, who have already worked out building permits for mosques for us  

presented their work in Germany and discussed the difficulties and special features of their work.