The area of ​​activity of the EMUG was not only for the perception of real estate for mosques, but also for the service provider in the area of ​​the development of the Islamic church services. One of the goals of the EMUG is to support the rights of Muslims in Europe. 

We work on 20  new mosque buildings with prayer rooms, as well as student dormitories and education. Here we carry out a completely new planning in cooperation with experienced architects and are always looking for new solutions. It is particularly important to us that we build environmentally conscious, economical and structurally even. 

In 2020 we start a  think tank for Islamic architecture in Europe. In this think tank, we are happy to be a part of helping architects and engineers find a platform and promoting art and culture in the field of mosque architecture and in the specialist organizations of architecture, interior design, construction and electrical engineering. We are working on projects such as “The Energetic Wudu Salon”, “The Multifunctional Prayer Room” and “The Future Mosque in the 21st Century”. The think tank certifies the demands of the students. 

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