Charity is an important part of Islamic culture. Wherever people gave sadaka, the number of people in need decreased. Numerous mosques, madrasas, educational and health institutions in the Islamic world were built by benevolent Muslims who knew the value and rewards of infâk. 

Projects supported by the Infak campaign this year:

Düsseldorf - Regional and educational center
England - Regional and Educational Centre
Denmark - Nursing home Hesse
Offenbach - Mosque and Education Center North Ruhr
Lohne - Mosque and educational center
Southern Bavaria Landshut - Mosque and educational center
Austria Vienna - Hijra Mosque and Education Center
USA, Virginia - Mosque and Educational Center
Northern Bavaria, Schwabach - Mosque and educational center
North Holland, Enschede - Center for Hifz and Education
Freiburg-Donau Aldingen, Mosque and educational center
Hanover, Magdeburg - Mosque and educational center
Bremen, Hemelingen – Mosque and educational center


Partner institutions:

AMAF -Australian Muslims Assests Foundation Limited
BNP - Balkans National Vision Association
CMB - Belgian Muslim Community
DIT - Danish Islamic Society
IGMÖ - Austrian Society for Muslim Property
ICMG - Islamic Community Milli Görüş USA
Swiss Islamic Community
LICARS - London Islamic Culture and Recreation Society 
NMOG - Dutch Association for the Construction and Maintenance of Mosques
SCI Octagon
UECM - European Association for the Construction and Maintenance of Mosques


Milli Görüş  Enschede
Islamic Union Aldingen und Umgebung e.V.
IGMG  Offenbach e.V.