Mosque Solidarity Days

Our mosques are places of education and training. They enable the development of an Islamic identity. If there are Muslims today who can speak for us as such, the mosques have made a great contribution to this. Countless children and young people find authentic access to their religion in our mosques. All of this is only possible with the dedicated support of the mosque. 


The EMUG e.V. calls for Mosque Solidarity Days in order to become aware of the great importance of the mosques. On this day we are reminded that one of our tasks throughout the year is to support the mosques as much as possible so that they can continue their services in the interests of a better society. 

Let us remember the words of our prophet who promised us a great reward in the hereafter. He said: "Whoever builds a mosque for Allah's sake, Allah will build a house for him in Paradise." Buhârî, Salâh, 65; Muslim, Masajid, 25, 533; Tirmizî, Salâh, 237, 318 

This material contribution is the duty of each and every one of us. But not only our donations, but also our personal support is required. Our mosques should become our second home, a place where we feel at home. 

Every cent we spend on our mosques and every minute we invest in them is important for the future of Muslims!