Bremen Hemelingen Mosque

Project Information

The Quba Mosque opened its doors for the first time in 1972/73 and changed its location several times in the following years. 

Finally, in 1987 the board of directors decided to move into the Hemelinger Bahnhofstr. 44. 

Since then we have been offering weekend courses to about 150 children. 

During the week, courses are offered for parents with babies. 

The mosque has a total of 216 members.

The construction work for the new building has already started. 

Bremen Hemelingen Mosque

Total Area: 650 m² 

Masjid areas: 475 m² 

Meeting room 150 m² 

Other areas included in the project: 


Lecture rooms 

Tea Center 




Bremen Hemelingen Mosque
Bremen Hemelingen Mosque

You have the possibility to support the project financially by transferring a donation to our online account with the Iban: DE 30 2905 0101 0081 5433 24  or by using the PayPal link directly.

May Allah reward you for your support!

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