Dortmund Anadolu Mosque renovation project

Project Information

Our mosque, which has been serving for 46 years with the material and spiritual contributions of our community, has become a necessity to be built in a more modern replanned usage areas.

Dortmund Anadolu Mosque renovation project
Dortmund Anadolu Mosque renovation project

The Anadolu Mosque in Dortmund is one of the first mosques and it was founded in 1976. 

The Anatolian mosque, which is one of the most rooted mosques of our organization, has been successful in social studies and has also contributed to the participation of its members in social life.  There is no doubt that our mosques are the centers of teaching our generations our religion, customs and traditions, to live and let them live.  Our mosques are our holy places where we gain the awareness of fulfilling our responsibilities properly as believers in social life.


Our service areas:

350 square meters of mosque area

25 square meters of administrative area

80 square meters of local

9 islam classes

300 square meters courtyard

30 square meters shop

Special areas for Youth and Women

Kindergarten service


We look forward to your financial and moral support in this process with our self work and your support.We are waiting for the goodness and kindness of our devoted brothers and sisters for the house of our Almighty Allah.

As we are heavily dependent on volunteers and donations, you have the possibility to support us financially by transferring a donation to our account with  IBAN: DE26 5023 4500 0107 8000 90 and the reference "Donation Dortmund Anadolu" or by using the online link 

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