Solidarity Day for Mosques (CDG)

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Once a year, our community calls to become aware of the great importance of the mosques and to show solidarity with the EMUG. On this day we are reminded that one of our tasks throughout the year is to support the mosques as best we can so that they can continue their services for a better society.

Solidarity Day for Mosques (CDG)

Our project in Landshut

Solidarity Day for Mosques (CDG)

Our project in Achim

Solidarity Day for Mosques (CDG)

Our project in Achim

Allah says in Surah Saba, Aya 39 "Say: 'Behold, my Lord provides from His servants whom He will, abundantly or in moderation, and whatever you spend He will reimburse you. And He is the best provider.” 

Allah c.c. often reminds us that our existence and property belong to Him alone, and He requires us to donate a portion of it to those in need in order to gain His goodwill and thus attain genuine godliness. From the ayas we see that what we have is a gift from Allah teala. We are only the temporary owners of these gifts. We're just looking out for them. We are the custodians of the goods that HE makes available to us. Allah teala, the actual owner, requires us to dispose of them with justice. He tells us that dealing with it properly is a liberation for our souls. 

Allah has commissioned us Muslims to build mosques and fill them with life. The Koran says: “Only those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish prayer, pay zakat and fear Allah alone should attend and visit the mosques of Allah. These may belong to the rightly guided.”[1] Our responsibility towards the mosques is twofold: material and ideal. Material matters include building and maintaining mosques. What is ideal is that we fill the mosques with life, that prayers are made there, that the Koran is taught and useful knowledge is imparted. 

Today we will collect the Friday donations from Muslims in our mosques for the European Mosque Building and Support Community, EMUG for short, and fulfill our material duties so that we can fulfill the space for our spiritual duties.

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