Hannover Salzgitter charity campaign

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Overflowing with a great potential, our local branch will, God willing, carry out many more good deeds and work with your material aid and moral support.

Just as the plants renew themselves in spring, it is now the renovation time of our mosque. We kindly ask for your support, especially in order to change the entrance doors.


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Hannover Salzgitter charity campaign

When the month of Ramadan arrived, eyes and hearts looked to Lebenstedt for the "Month of Ramadan". Thanks to the Iftar evenings, seminars, talks and entertainment for children we organize, we host thousands of our brothers and sisters and stamp the “Sultan of the Eleven Months” in their hearts.

Hannover Salzgitter charity campaign
Hannover Salzgitter charity campaign

The activities that started in the 1980s as youth work were continued after gaining official association status in 2000 under the umbrella of Lebenstedt Branch within the regional association in Hanover. 

You have the possibility to do your suppoert by transferring a donation to our online account with the purpose Salzgitter or by using the Payjinn link directly.


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