Hamburg - Harburg Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Project Information

The building on Eißendorfer Strasse 19a / b was purchased by EMUG for the patronage of Hamburg-Harburg Eyüp Sultan Mosque. 

The connection with our current property gives us the opportunity to optimize the usage area from 700 m2 to 2000 m2. 


Separate women's and youth club 
Seminar and project rooms 
Teaching classes 
Humanitarian service 


Address: Eißendorfer Str. 19a / b, Wilhelmstrasse 3 
Usable area: approx. 1000 m² 
2 commercial areas 
9 apartments 
2 parking spaces

Hamburg - Harburg Eyüp Sultan Mosque

The Islamic Community Harburg - Eyup Sultan Mosque

Hamburg - Harburg Eyüp Sultan Mosque

The new building

Hamburg - Harburg Eyüp Sultan Mosque

The new building

The Eyüp Sultan community has been in the center of Harburg since 1976 and is the first point of contact for Islamic life in Harburg. 

This investment was carried out so that the community can offer a wide range of religious services. 

The women's area should and must be enlarged. A place should also be created for senior citizens and young people where they can well be.  

Especially on religious festivals there should be the opportunity to offer a wide variety of events through  a multifunctional use. 

The adjacent property was acquired. Now we are collecting donations for the purchase and planning of a new concept in Hamburg-Harburg. 

In Shallah we will increase our capacities from approx. 700 m² to over 2000 m².

You have the possibility to support the project financially by transferring a donation to our online account IBAN: DE48502345000107800082, BIC/SWIFT: KTAGDEFFXXX  the purpose Hamburg Harburg Eyüp Sultan Mosque or by using the online payment possibilities.


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