Infak 2020 Italy Regional and Education Center

Project Information

The building, which is planned to serve as a Regional and Education Center in Milan, Italy, has a total area of ​​950 square meters. The area on which the education center sits is 450 square meters.

Infak 2020 Italy Regional and Education Center

This center will contribute to the cultural and spiritual development of the Muslim community in Milan and its surrounding. Here: 

- Basic religious education and school lessons of children aged 7-15 will be supported. 

- Cultural and social development of young people between the ages of 15-30 will be contributed. After an intensive renovation work, the education center will be put into service for all Muslims in Milan within a year. 

With our Assistance Campaign, we support educational projects designed to convey the value of language and religious knowledge, culture and good morals to children and young people in different countries. We pursue the aim of keeping the awareness of belonging alive.

In the center, there is a mosque where 400 people can pray at the same time, and five classrooms where 80 students can study.

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