Bünde Education Centre

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We are very proud of the property we bought in Bünde so that the education center of the women's organization Bünde can do its work better. The current object, which is currently rented by the association, is not sufficient for the activities. For this reason we bought a new real estate in Bünde to support the association in their work. 


For Donation

Bünde Education Centre
Bünde Education Centre

The final payment date for this property we have purchased is March 15, 2023. Please help us complete this project without debt financing! Every small/big donation you make contributes to this promising project.

You have the possibility to do your infak by transferring a donation to our online account with the purpose Bünde or by using the PayPal link directly.


EMUG e.V. 

IBAN: DE60 5023 4500 0107 8001 57

KT Bank AG


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